FOr You Again Available Now!

You can purchase For You Again now! You can order a physical copy through the website, steam or buy digital copies through the website or wherever you stream music and I have some awesome T-Shirt / CD combos available as well! Check out the merch store for details HERE


T-Shirts and Pre-Order Available Now!

You can now pre-order For You Again! We also have pre-order packages available now including newly designed T-Shirts inspired by the album artwork. $30 bucks will get you a copy of For You Again delivered to your door a few days before it's actually released on September 13th, 2019 and a For You Again T-Shirt inspired by the album design. You'll also be able to immediately download all four singles. For You Again, The Show, Mrs. Bluebird, and Younger Men. The CD and T-Shirt will arrive shortly before the September 13th release just in time to wear it to the release show on September 28th at The Parkway Theatre! Artwork design by Aaron Markson.


Release Show Tickets On sale Now!

Tickets for the For You again Album release show with special guest Ben Kyle of Romantica at The Parkway Theater are on sale now! The show is on September, 28th. Doors/ 7pm Show/ 8pm.

$15 Advance // $20 At the door // $40 VIP** All ages

**VIP includes premium seating and signed CD copy of "For You Again"


Younger men // single release

Alright! I’m excited to put out this fourth single, “Younger Men”, ahead of the full length release of For You Again on September 13.

The older I get, and the more I learn, the more complex life seems. And the further I move down the path of life, the simple principles that I learned as a younger man keep flooding back to the surface, but now those principles have deeper meaning and more weight than ever before. Things like forgiveness, faithfulness, generosity, and patience are harder to mine to the surface but are more crucial now than ever.

As always, thanks for the support & I hope you enjoy the new tune. Check it out here!

The show // single release

Single number three is OUT!!!

“The Show” contains one of my favorite lines of the record. It’s in the bridge, “when the end is near will you hold me dear till the moment I turn blue / when the light escapes right out my face I hope my last words mention you / I’ve heard the final days of this slow parade could be the deepest shades of blue / and I think the end will be the most beautiful show of all.” I think that cuts to the heart of this record and gets to the heart of who I am. I’m willing to find joy in the suffering and pain that this world can bring because I believe in the greater good of those around me and that in the end there is hope and beauty. And I hope with all I have that the end is truly the beginning.

As always, thanks for the support & I hope you enjoy the new tune. Check it out here!

Mrs. Bluebird // single release

May 3rd is here, which means my second single Mrs. Bluebird is now available to the world!

The song Mrs. Bluebird takes a darker turn and peels back some of the many layers of mental illness and depression that have plagued countless families as well as my own. The disease can impact generation after generation, and my hope is to limit its grasp for my own children as much as I can while also giving them tools to work through the pain. I think the beauty of this song is that the low key melodic arrangement alleviates the harshness of its painful content.  

Thanks for your support and I hope you enjoy the song! Check it out here.

For you again // single release

I'm so excited to announce my latest single entitled For You Again.

My wife has always said that our relationship is the core of our family. That our love for our kids should be an extension of that relationship. That if we don’t continue to cultivate our love for each other it can impact the way our girls grow up and how they view relationships as they get older.  I’ve always found that profound and appreciate that sentiment. This song explores the many emotional ups an downs of a couple's relationship as they add members to their family and the daily practice of cultivating each other's hearts through the complex and mundane parts of life.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the song! Check it out here.

new album in the works + farewell milwaukee shows

So far this year, I've been busy with my band Farewell Milwaukee. We've played some epic shows recently in Minneapolis, including two sold-out shows at the Aster Cafe and a First Ave Mainroom performance! A huge thank you to all those who came out to these shows and continue to support us. We're in the process of nailing down summer and fall dates, so keep an eye on the calendar. And, you can catch us again this April at the Mid West Music Fest in La Crosse.

On the solo front, I've been in the studio recording a new album and can't wait to share these new songs with you. Stay tuned for more info on the release!

January 13 Aster Cafe show, Minneapolis, MN

January 13 Aster Cafe show, Minneapolis, MN

"love cuts glass" live on pony rug

Today, my friends over at Pony Rug released a live, acoustic performance of "Love Cuts Glass" off my album, Rented Rooms. You can check out the live session below! A huge thanks to Pony Rug for having me!

Star Tribune's Best-of-2016 Minnesota album poll

Rented Rooms ranks number seven in The Star Tribune's best-of-2016 Minnesota album poll. So blown away. There were so many killer records that came out this year! You can read the article HERE.

"While his refreshingly unpretentious Americana rock band Farewell Milwaukee put out its own spirited album this year, pining-voiced frontman Lubeck stepped outside that comfort zone and jumped into more spiritual, personal territory for a solo debut that could be mistaken for one of Ryan Adams’ finer efforts. Songs about a troubled childhood and his own mixed emotions in becoming a dad are matched with graceful melodies and dramatic twang. Chris Riemenschneider

Here's a brand new video for "Roll On." Performed live at the historic Rieder barn. Andy and I will be playing this song along with many more from Rented Rooms at The Turf Club on 12/11 while we open up for Melodime. TICKETS

Got to hang out with my friend Darin Back on Monday. We first met at the Kitty Cat Klub when Farewell Milwaukee was in its infancy. We hit it off with our love for Whiskeytown, Fleetwood Mac, Uncle Tupelo and The Flying Burrito Brothers. He has such an incredible talent. Busted out my new Sin City jean jacket for this one. A tribute to the Burritos.

The Farewell Milwaukee Pop Up Tour continues this weekend as they travel to the Driftless Region of La Crosse and Winona and play four "Pop Up" shows! Details at Photo: Benjamin Steinquist

Farewell Milwaukee's fourth full length album "FM" will be available 9/9! You can pre-order now and pick up a free download!  PRE-ORDER HERE

Farewell Milwaukee's fourth full length album "FM" will be available 9/9! You can pre-order now and pick up a free download! PRE-ORDER HERE

What a beautiful surprise! Rented Rooms made the Star Tribune's list of best Minnesota albums! You can read the article HERE. "For his first album away from his (still-rolling) Americana rock band Farewell Milwaukee, Ben Lubeck turns in an introspective and intimate set of songs based on his frayed relationship with his dad and his own newfound parenthood. The results ooze with drama and inspiration, while Lubeck’s Ryan Adams-like voice and the album’s lush, ambient alt-twang arrangements lend them a disarming tenderness. You’ll want to make amends with everyone in your life by record’s end." -Chris Riemenschneider

Proud to present volume two of 'The Homestead sessions!' Andy Dee and I will be playing this one live at The Cedar Cultural Center this Thursday night (5/19) when we share the stage with Birds of Chicago

Honored that Scott from the UK ordered and is proudly wearing a Rented Rooms patch! Thanks Scott! Special bonus that it's on the same jacket as a PAX-AM patch! You can snag a Rented Rooms patch and other merch at my merch store HERE

Introducing the first of three live videos we're calling 'The Homestead Sessions.'  I'm joined here by the incredibly talented Andy Dee on lap steel. Recorded live in the Original Rieder Homestead, built in Delano, Minnesota in 1881. Thanks to David and David Productions for the video and Brad Bivens for the audio.

When Adam Levy agreed to sing on 'Love of Mine' I was floored. FM has had the opportunity to share the stage with The Honeydogs a few times and we've even shared a few dates with them on the road. I've been a huge fan of The Honeydogs as well as his solo work for some time. He's a wonderful dude and added so much to this song!

Here is the official video for 'Love of Mine.'

Video by: David Dennison of David and David Productions

Had an excellent day recording some live performance videos with the crazy talented Andy Dee, David Dennison and Brad Jensen Bivens. Look for those videos soon on my YouTube channel.  

I sat down with my friend David Dennison at Dave's Town Club in Delano, MN last summer to discuss music video options for my new album that would soon be coming out. After discussing a ton of different ideas and approaches...we thought that a simple approach might be a nice contrast to a song as powerful as Right Time. So he said he had an idea and we walked around the block and he showed me the old town hardware store that was recently being renovated by the mayor himself. Looking through the old windows of the storefront I knew this would be the perfect backdrop for this song. I love what Dave did and had a great time working with him. I hope you enjoy my official music video for Right Time.


You can purchase Rented Rooms now! Available HERE. You can also pick up a copy in the Minneapolis area at The Electric Fetus and Hymies Vintage Records. You can purchase digitally on i tunes and Amazon as well. 

Happy Release Day Everyone! Thanks to everyone who helped make Rented Rooms a reality. I hope this album finds you well. -Ben 

Happy Rented Rooms release week! Rented Rooms is available FRIDAY! You can still Pre-Order the album and receive a Care Package.

ALSO!....We've got T-shirts in the merch store! Two different designs! Available now! PS. That's Bethany she's one of my best friends and she sang all over this record. : )

Thanks to the The Bluegrass Situation for premiering my song 'LOVE CUTS GLASS' and making it SONG OF THE WEEK! The song dives deeply into the relationship with my dad and our time spent traveling through the deserts of the Southwest.

A beautiful piece written by Youa Vang for Minneapolis' City Pages: Check it out HERE 

Go Local Spotlight with Barb Abney: VIDEO 

Ben Lubeck, along with guitarist Jake Hanson, stopped by the Radio Heartland studio to talk about this new collection of songs and play a few tunes. Listen here: IN STUDIO 

The Ben Lubeck dot com store is now open and ready for business! Check it out here

You can now stream 'MORNING AFTER' on Spotify

PRE-ORDER Available now! You can pre-order Rented Rooms and download the brand new song "Morning After." Pre Order HERE

Ben is currently in the studio with Farewell Milwaukee working on their fourth full length record.